Steam Boiler for Chemical Fertilizer Plant in Poland

  • Project: Steam Boiler for Chemical Fertilizer Plant in Poland
  • Industry: Chemical
  • Boiler Type: SZS Series Water Tube Steam Boiler
  • Boiler Model and Quantity: 6 Sets of SZS15-1.6/250-YQ

On 21st October of 2019, four Poland clients came to our factory for six 15 tons water tube super-heated steam boiler SZS15-1.6/250-YQ. They are the partners of a Chemical Fertilizer Plant. And they want to use mixture of hydrogen and natural gas as fuel to power the boiler. Many boiler factories can not make it. When they came to us, our technicians solved this problem for them and brought them to one of our boiler working sites in China. After visiting our local Chemical Fertilizer Plant, they know our techniques and quality further. And after confirming the technical data, they signed the order with us immediately. That’s an order worth more than USD600,000. And this cooperation helps us build another boiler cases in the European market.


Characteristics of SZS series water tube steam boiler:

  • All tubes and steel plates are from global famous steel companies, passing strict tests;
  • Through scientific calculation, best match between burner and furnace, more complete combustion;
  • Laddering heat recovery structure, greatly improves efficiency and reduces smoke temperature;
  • Double- layer insulation is made of aluminum silicate felt and ultra fine glass wool , total thickness 200 mm;
  • Heat recycling device adopts ND steel, corrosion resistance from acid and chloride , long service life;
  • Full membrane wall structure can bear high pressure, preventing from smoke and air leakage;
  • Vertical double drums, small water volume, low vaporization rate in power shortage , simple operation on power failure protection;
  • Equipped with explosion-proof door and furnace pressure monitoring device to ensure safety;
  • Electrical parts are made of Schneider, Siemens and other famous brands, with long service life .
Steam Boiler for Chemical Fertilizer Plant in Poland

If you want to visit this project on site, or contact our client to check the machine’s work performance, please contact us: WhatsApp:+8613838294337

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