Electric Heating Bundle

Electric Heating Bundle

The boiler electric heating tube/bundle refers to the electric heating device used in an electric boiler. There are two types of materials for boiler heating tubes: stainless steel electric heating tubes and ceramic electric heating tubes. It is strictly prohibited to dry burn the heating tube, which means that the heating tube should not be energized for heating when there is no water in the boiler.

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The boiler electric heating bundle/tube refers to the electric heating device used on the electric boiler. The boiler heating tube has stainless steel electric heating tube and ceramic electric heating tube. No matter what material the heating tube is made of, dry burning is strictly prohibited, that is to say, when there is no water in the boiler Do not energize the heating tube for heating.


Boiler electric heating bundles/tubes are mainly divided into stainless steel heating tubes and ceramic heating tubes. Rusty steel electric heating tubes are tubular electric heating elements, which are composed of metal tubes, spiral resistance wires and crystalline magnesium oxide powder. Distribute high-temperature resistance wires, and fill the gaps with crystalline magnesium oxide powder with good thermal conductivity and insulation performance. When a current passes through the high-temperature resistance wires, the heat generated will diffuse to the surface of the metal tube through the magnesium oxide powder, and then the heat energy will be transferred to the boiler. The purpose of heating is achieved in the water inside; the ceramic electric heating tube is made of good ceramics as the substrate and high-quality electric heating wires are wound in series, with high electrothermal conversion efficiency, fast temperature rise, small thermal inertia, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, It has good thermal stability, long service life, high insulation strength and no pollution. Compared with other electric heating elements, it can save energy by about 30%.


Features of Stainless Steel Electric Heating Tube:

  • Small size with high power: The electric heater uses clustered tubular heating elements, with a maximum power of each element reaching 5000KW.

  • Fast thermal response, high temperature control precision, and high comprehensive thermal efficiency.

  • Wide application range and strong adaptability: The circulation heater can be used in explosion-proof or ordinary environments, with an explosion-proof grade up to B and C grades and pressure resistance up to 10Mpa. The cylinder can be installed vertically or horizontally according to user needs.

  • High heating temperature: The maximum working temperature of the heater can reach 850°C, which is not achievable with ordinary heat exchangers.

  • Fully automatic control: Through the heater circuit design, automatic control of outlet temperature, pressure, flow, and other parameters can be conveniently achieved. It can also be networked with a computer to enable man-machine dialogue.

  • Long life and high reliability: The heater is made of special electric heating materials, with a reasonable design power load and multiple protection measures, significantly increasing safety and lifespan.

Features of Ceramic Electric Heating Tube:

  • Good thermal efficiency and uniform heating

  • High temperature and corrosion resistance

  • Good safety performance

  • Long-lasting

  • The product is suitable for heating various electric boilers

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