SZL Series Steam Boiler

SZL Series Steam Boiler

SZL series double-drum vertical chain furnace drainage tube steam boiler adopts quick-installation or assembly structure.

  • Rated thermal power : 4 - 35t/h
  • Rated thermal efficiency : > 83%
  • Rated pressure: ≤ 2.5MPa
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SZL series double-drum vertical chain grate steam boiler is an industrial boiler that can burn coal and biomass fuels. It has a simple and compact structure, consisting of two vertically arranged drums with a chain combustion device installed. The boiler generates steam by heating water with fuel inside the combustion chamber. The produced steam can be used for various applications such as power generation, heating, and industrial processes.

This type of boiler is renowned for its high efficiency and low emissions, making it widely favored in industries that require reliable and sustainable energy solutions. It is also designed to be easy to install and operate, with high automation and safety features.

Overall, the double-drum vertical chain grate steam boiler is a versatile and efficient industrial boiler that can meet the energy needs of various industries.

Working principle:

The fuel is fed into the chain grate through the furnace door and produces heat through combustion. The flue gas flows back in the furnace, enters the steam pipe bundle from the top, flows downward, and is cooled on the water-cooled wall to produce steam. The steam is separated into the lower and upper steam separators through the lower drum and upper drum, respectively. The discharged flue gas is treated by a multi-stage flue gas purification system and finally discharged by the chimney. In summary, the double-drum vertical chain grate steam boiler has the advantages of compact structure, strong fuel adaptability, and environmental performance.

Structural characteristics:

  1. The boiler adopts a double-drum vertical arrangement, which is arranged vertically in the center of the boiler, and the inner part of the furnace shell is equipped with water-cooled walls and steam pipe bundles.

  2. The chain grate is located at the bottom of the furnace, and the fuel is fed through the furnace door. After combustion, the ash is discharged by the slag machine through the movement of the chain grate.

  3. The boiler is equipped with a multi-stage flue gas purification system, including a dust collector, desulfurizer, and denitrification device, which can meet environmental protection requirements for flue gas emissions.


  1. Strong adaptability to coal and biomass fuels, which can be used for various fuels.

  2. High degree of automation of the chain grate, which can achieve continuous heating and slagging, reducing the labor intensity of workers.

  3. Multi-stage flue gas purification system ensures that the flue gas emissions meet environmental protection requirements.

  4. Reasonable design of the double-drum structure, high thermal efficiency, and low energy consumption.

  5. Small volume of the boiler, occupying a small area, and easy to install and maintain.

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Technical parameters of SZL series steam boiler(coal/biomass)

Model Rated capacity(t/h) Rated pressure(MPa) Rated steam temperature(℃) Thermal efficiency(%) Max transportation dimension(m) (LxWxH)
SZL4-1.25-AII 4 1.25 194 82.8 7.4×2.7×5.3
SZL4-1.60-AII 4 1.60 204 82.8 7.4×2.7×5.3
SZL4-2.45-AII 4 2.45 225 82.8 7.4×2.7×5.3
SZL6-1.25-AII 6 1.25 194 82.8 7.0×2.7×3.5
SZL6-1.60-AII 6 1.6 204 82.8 7.0×2.7×3.5
SZL6-2.45-AII 6 2.45 225 82.8 7.0×2.7×3.5
SZL8-1.25-AII 8 1.25 194 83.2 6.9×3.2×5.3
SZL8-1.60-AII 8 1.6 204 83.2 6.9×3.2×5.3
SZL8-2.45-AII 8 2.45 225 83.2 6.9×3.2×5.3
SZL10-1.25-AII 10 1.25 194 83.2 7.9×3.3×3.5
SZL10-1.60-AII 10 1.6 204 83.2 7.9×3.3×3.5
SZL10-2.45-AII 10 2.45 225 83.2 7.9×3.3×3.5
SZL20-1.25-AII 20 1.25 194 85.8 11.0×3.2×3.5
SZL20-1.60-AII 20 1.6 204 85.8 11.0×3.2×3.5
SZL20-2.45-AII 20 2.45 225 85.8 11.0×3.2×3.5
SZL30-1.25-AII 30 1.25 194 86 9.9×3.3×3.6
SZL30-1.60-AII 30 1.6 204 86 9.9×3.3×3.6
SZL30-2.45-AII 30 2.45 225 86 9.9×3.3×3.6
SZL35-1.25-AII 35 1.25 194 86 8.0×3.8×3.8
SZL35-1.60-AII 35 1.6 204 86 8.0×3.8×3.8
SZL35-2.45-AII 35 2.45 225 86 8.0×3.8×3.8

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