Economizer, also known as a boiler preheater, air preheater, heat exchanger, boiler condenser, flue gas recovery device, or waste heat recovery device, is a device used in boiler systems to recover the waste heat in flue gas. This recovered heat can be used to raise the temperature of the boiler feed water, the combustion air, or it can be used directly to generate steam/hot water for heating, providing domestic hot water to the plant, and other industrial processes. This not only avoids waste but also increases the efficiency of boiler operation, thereby achieving energy savings.

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The economizer/condenser is the key equipment in the boiler flue gas waste heat recovery system, which can be widely used in industrial enterprises such as petroleum, chemical industry, power plants, automobiles, aviation, textiles, rubber, light industry, food, metallurgy, machinery, and pharmaceuticals. It can also be used to condense and recover the flue gas of civil buildings such as hotels, restaurants, and hospitals, effectively recovering the waste heat of the flue gas.

When designing and manufacturing oil-fired, gas-fired, and coal-fired boilers, the exhaust gas temperature in the standard state is generally required to be no lower than 180℃ and can reach up to 250℃ in order to prevent corrosion and ash plugging on the heating surface of the boiler tail. High-temperature flue gas emissions not only cause significant waste of heat energy but also pollute the environment.

The finned tube waste heat condensation recovery device can recover the waste heat in the flue gas and the condensation heat of the flue gas. The recovered heat can be used for boiler replenishment and production of domestic hot water, or as heated air for boiler combustion and drying materials, etc. This not only saves fuel costs and reduces production costs but also reduces exhaust emissions, achieving energy saving and environmental protection.


  1. Efficient recovery of heat in high/low-temperature flue gas.

  2. Effective solution to the problem of low-temperature corrosion, with equipment service life of over 15 years.

  3. Solution to the problem of ventilation resistance of the equipment itself.


  • Advanced: Economizer is designed specifically for boiler system, allowing the condensate water generated during the condensation process to be discharged in a timely manner, thereby avoiding secondary evaporation of the condensate water and ensuring the recovery efficiency of the economizer/condenser.

  • High thermal conductivity: The finned tube is a heat-conducting element that relies mainly on the vapor-liquid phase change of the working fluid to transfer heat. Its thermal resistance is very small, resulting in high thermal conductivity. Compared with other heat-conducting elements of the same volume, the thermal conductivity is hundreds of times higher.

  • High safety and reliability: The finned tube can completely separate the hot and cold fluids through the central partition of the economizer. Even if a single finned tube leaks due to wear, corrosion, over-temperature, or other reasons during operation, there will be no leakage of the mixture of hot and cold fluids.

  • Economical and practical: Complete countercurrent heat exchange of cold and hot fluids can be achieved relatively easily, resulting in a large logarithmic temperature difference. Additionally, the heating surfaces on both sides can be finned tubes. This allows the economizer/condenser to be very compact, small in size, and occupying less land.

  • Low smoke side resistance: The small smoke side resistance is 20-30P, and there is no need to install an induced draft fan, making the system simple and not affecting the normal operation of the boiler combustion.

  • Remarkable energy-saving effect: Our company adopts new heat exchange fins and heat exchange elements to make the heat exchange more sufficient, and the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced to 40°C-80℃, the boiler efficiency can be increased by 6-15%, and the condensed water drainage structure can fully recover the latent heat in the flue gas, resulting in a remarkable energy-saving effect. Due to the special structure, the total pressure drop is small, and the power consumption is low. This means that the smoke pressure drop is small and meets the system requirements.

  • Environmentally friendly: Since the temperature of the flue gas can be reduced to 40°C~80°C, most of the acidic and harmful substances such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the flue gas can be dissolved into condensed water. This greatly reduces the emission of air pollutants and effectively protects the environment.

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