SZS Series Water Tube Steam Boiler

SZS Series Water Tube Steam Boiler

The SZS fuel-fired gas-fired water-tube steam boiler is a double-drum vertical-mounted D-type layout chamber water-fired tube boiler. The boiler is divided into three types according to the factory form: quick-installed boilers, assembled boilers and bulk boilers.

  • Rated thermal power : 6 - 135t/h
  • Rated thermal efficiency : ≥96%
  • Rated pressure: ≤ 3.82MPa
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SZS series water tube steam boilers are industrial boilers composed of a combustion chamber, water tubes, and flue gas channels. The fuel can be oil or gas, and the boiler produces steam by heating water, which can be used in industrial processes, power generation, and heating.

Working principle:

The fuel burns in the combustion chamber, and the resulting flue gas passes through the water tubes, transferring heat to the water and heating it into steam. The boiler adopts a double-layer membrane wall structure, which can improve thermal efficiency and reduce heat loss.
In summary, SZS series water tube steam boilers are high-efficiency, energy-saving, and low-emission industrial boilers, with optimized structure, automatic control, and safety and reliability features, suitable for energy supply in various industrial fields.

Structural characteristics: 

  1. SZS series boilers adopt a double-layer furnace, symmetrical arrangement of water tubes and combustion chamber, compact design, and small footprint.
  2. The furnace adopts a membrane wall structure, ensuring the safety and stability of the boiler.
  3. The boiler adopts a large-diameter burner and symmetrical combustion chamber layout, with high combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency of more than 98%.
  4. The equipment is equipped with a fully automatic control system, which can realize multi-point control and is easy to operate.


  1. High efficiency and energy-saving: Adopting a three-pass structure and matching with a burner with high thermal efficiency, which can effectively save energy and reduce emissions, the thermal efficiency can reach more than 98%.

  2. Safety and reliability: Adopting advanced self-control technology, it has multiple protection measures, including over-temperature, over-pressure, water shortage, burner failure, and other protection functions.

  3. Environmentally friendly and low-emission: Adopting advanced combustion technology and environmentally friendly materials, emissions are almost zero.

  4. Simple operation and maintenance: Adopting modular design, it is easy to install and maintain, reducing operating costs.

  5. Multi-point control: easy to operate and has high reliability.

  6. Compact design, small footprint, and convenient for installation and maintenance.

  7. Quick start and stop: quickly meet the user's heating needs.

In summary, SZS series fuel and gas water tube steam boilers have many advantages, such as high efficiency and energy-saving, safety and reliability, environmental friendliness and low emissions, and simple operation and maintenance, making them an indispensable important equipment for modern industrial production.


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Technical parameters of SZS series water tube superheated steam boiler

Model Rated capacity Rated steam pressure Superheated steam temperature Feed water temperature Body heating area Economizer heating area Flue gas temperature Fuel Dimension(LxWxH)
/ t/h MPa   mm
SZS15-1.25-YQ 15   250/350/450 104 320 242 140 Oil, Natural Gas 11500×5630x4100
SZS20-1.25-YQ 20 1.25/2.5/3.82 350 319 11800×6800×4300
SZS25-1.25-YQ 25 400 375 12100×7200×5180
SZS30-2.5-YQ 30 430 476 12500×7500×5300
SSZ35-2.5-YQ 35 500 500 12950×7700×5300
SZS40-2.5-YQ 40 550 588 13600×8090×5300
SZS50-3.82-YQ 50 660 736 15630×9050×5940
SZS55-3.82-YQ 55 753 981 16830×9050×7030
SZS75-3.82-YQ 75 1274 1643 16800×8000×13000
SZS100-3.82-YQ 100 1328 2129 20805×10110×8930

Technical parameters of SZS series water tube saturated steam boiler

Model Rated capacity Rated steam pressure Rated steam temperature Feed water temperature Body heating area Economizer heating area Fuel Dimension(LxWxH)
/ t/h MPa   mm
SZS8-1.25-YQ 8   193/204/226 104 128 80 Oil, Natural Gas 7900x3180×3000
SZS10-1.25-YQ 10 1.25/1.6/2.5 160 85.5 8790×3130×3930
SZS15-1.25-YQ 15 220 115 9700×3430x4100
SZS20-1.25-YQ 20 275.2 125 10390×6680×4350
SZS25-1.25-YQ 25 342.12 130 12170×7440×5150
SZS30-1.25-YQ 30 403 133 13750×7240x5100
SZS35-1.6-YQ 35 495 168 13610×8050× 5020
SZS40-1.6-YQ 40 565 199 15100×9200x5700
SZS50-1.6-YQ 50 721 318 15900×9500×5400
SZS65-1.6-YQ 65 937 413 15300×10050×8110
SZS75-1.6-YQ 70       1081 477   16000×11400×8500

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