LHS Series Vertical Hot Water Boiler

LHS Series Vertical Hot Water Boiler

The vertical hot water boiler series is designed as a volumetric structure with a pyrotechnic tube under the burner. After the fuel is atomized by the burner, it burns in the furnace under a slight positive pressure.

  • Rated thermal power : 140L - 1400L
  • Rated thermal efficiency : > 94%
  • Rated pressure: 0 - 1.0MPa
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The vertical type oil/gas fired hot water boiler adopts a vertical structure, and the combustion method uses micro-positive pressure indoor combustion. This series of boilers consists of five main parts: the boiler shell, the furnace, the upper and lower plate tubes, and the spiral smoke tube. The combustion chamber is located at the bottom of the boiler and uses side-blowing combustion. The design of the large furnace can utilize the flame length of various burners and inject the flame as much as possible onto the furnace wall, thereby increasing the service life of the boiler.

The vertical hot water boiler can be divided into atmospheric pressure hot water boilers and pressure-bearing hot water boilers according to pressure. The vertical atmospheric pressure hot water boiler refers to a hot water boiler with no working pressure, while the vertical pressure-bearing hot water boiler indicates that the boiler is under pressure during operation. The main difference is that the outlet water temperature of the atmospheric pressure boiler generally does not exceed 100℃, while the outlet water temperature of the pressure-bearing hot water boiler will exceed 100℃. In addition, the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler does not need to be inspected and accepted during installation, while the pressure-bearing hot water boiler must be reported to the local department and inspected and accepted.

The main purpose of the vertical hot water boiler is to produce hot water, which can be used for winter heating or bathing. It can be said that it is an essential boiler product in residents' lives.


  • The LHS series vertical oil/gas fired hot water boilers adopts a double-return structure with a large heat transfer area. The smoke tube is equipped with baffles, and the thermal efficiency is high;

  • The heat transfer tube adopts a threaded tube, which is uniformly and symmetrically arranged to delay the flow speed of the flue gas, prolong the flow path of the flue gas, effectively increase the convective heat transfer area of the boiler, and make the high-temperature flue gas in a turbulent state, which has a self-cleaning effect and achieves the effect of strengthening heat transfer;

  • Advanced digital intelligent control technology is applied, which can accurately remotely monitor the entire combustion process. Reliable imported electrical components ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment;

  • Add a remote communication interface according to user requirements, which can control multiple boilers to run in parallel, print boiler operating parameters in real-time, and the computer memory system can record the boiler's fault situation and monitor the boiler's operating conditions;

  • The boiler is equipped with complete safety accessories and multiple safety interlock protection to ensure that the equipment has no potential safety hazards;

  • The boiler uses internationally advanced imported burners, full combustion, and harmful components in the flue gas are lower than national standards, making it an environmentally friendly product;

  • The boiler is fully assembled at the factory, with a compact structure and easy installation, and only needs to be connected to water, electricity, and fuel to start running;

  • Humanized appearance design, soft colors, and beautiful appearance.

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Technical parameters of LHS series vertical hot water boiler(gas/oil)

Model Rated thermal power Rated outlet/return water temperature Effective water volume Circulating water flowrate Heating area Hot water flowrate Thermal efficiency Dimension(LxWxH)
MW m3 m3/h m2 m3/h % mm
CLHS0.06-85/65-YQ 0.06   0.08 3.3 630 16 94
CLHS0.08-85/60-Y.Q 0.08 85/60 0.14 5 875 2.3 720*678*1405
CLHS0.12-85/60-Y.Q 0.12 0.18 7 1250 3.3 720*678*1633
CLHS0.17-85/60-Y.Q 0.17 0.27 10 1872 5 810*754*1955
CLHS0.23-85/60-Y.Q 0.23 0.32 13 2500 6.7 870*814*1955
CLHS0.35-85/60-Y.Q 0.35 0.56 20 3750 10 1030*1027*2125
CLHS0.47-85/60-Y.Q 0.47 0.69 27 5000 13 1140*1140*2125
CLHS0.7-85/60-Y.Q 0.7 1.4 40 7500 20 1400*1413*2694

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