SZS Series Water Tube Hot Water Boiler

SZS Series Water Tube Hot Water Boiler

The boiler is a double-drum vertical D-type layout chamber water-fired tube hot water boiler. The boiler is divided into three types according to the factory form: quick-installed boilers, assembled boilers and bulk boilers.

  • Rated thermal power : ≥ 14MW
  • Rated thermal efficiency : ≥ 96%
  • Rated pressure: ≥ 1.25MPa
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The SZS series water tube hot water boiler adopts a double-drum vertical "D" type layout structure, with the combustion chamber and heating surface set outside the drum. Water, steam, or a mixture of steam and water flows inside the tubes, while flames and flue gas burn and flow outside the tubes. This design allows for extremely fast steam-water flow rates and excellent water circulation systems, greatly improving the boiler's heat absorption rate and thermal efficiency. Advancements in water treatment technology ensure that the boiler can operate for long periods with minimal scaling. The use of bent water tubes with larger heating surfaces also improves various performance aspects of the boiler. The boiler is classified according to the Ex factory form: fast-installed boilers, assembled boilers, and bulk boilers.

The boiler is composed of two main parts: the main body and auxiliary equipment. Except the water pump, blower, and control cabinet, all other components are installed on a steel skid. The upper and lower drum of the main body are longitudinally arranged, with a convection tube bundle between them, and membrane-type water-cooled walls on the left, middle, and right sides. The combustion chamber is located on the front water-cooled wall, and an explosion-proof inspection hole is provided on the rear wall.

After passing through the convection tube bundle at the rear of the furnace, the flue gas leaves the boiler body and enters the energy-saving device(economizer and condenser) before being discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. An explosion-proof door is installed on the rear wall of the furnace. The membrane-type walls surrounding the boiler body are fully sealed, and the boiler uses positive-pressure combustion. The water circulation method combines natural circulation (through the convection tube bundle) and forced circulation (through the membrane-type walls), with full digital intelligent control.


  • The boiler is enclosed by a membrane wall on all sides, providing excellent sealing performance.

  • Large furnace volume allows for a wide range of fuel adaptability and complete combustion, resulting in high thermal efficiency.

  • Sufficient heating surface area allows for high boiler output.

  • The rear of the boiler is equipped with an economizer and condenser, which increases thermal efficiency to >96% and saves fuel.

  • The boiler is equipped with a high-efficiency composite insulation layer consisting of silica-magnesium fiber blanket 200mm thick, composite silicate insulation coating, and waterproof coating, ensuring minimal heat loss and a maximum boiler efficiency with a furnace surface temperature ≤40℃.

  • The boiler is equipped with a multifunctional safety explosion-proof device, including an explosion-proof door that opens instantly to release pressure during an explosion, reducing damage to the boiler body, and allowing easy access to the furnace for maintenance.

  • If local environmental regulations requires, the NOx emission of the boiler can be ultra-low, meeting the requirements of as low as 30mg/m3.

  • The boiler is equipped with a fully digital intelligent control system, which can manage all important operating parameters of the boiler, including control functions, safety protections, data communication, and processing, as well as historical record-keeping, report printing, and load distribution, through a network interface that connects to a centralized control computer, reflecting the modern industrial equipment control concept of decentralized control and centralized information management. The system is also cost-effective, reliable, and easily expandable with advanced technology.

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Technical parameters of SZS series water tube hot water boiler(gas/oil)

Model Rated thermal power Pressure Rated water temperature Return water temperature Flue gas temperature Fuel Dimension(LxWxH)
SZS14-1.25/130/70-YQ 14 1.25 115/130 70 ≤90 8060×3552×3420
SZS17.5-1.25/130/70-YQ 17.5 1.25 115/130 70 9760×3522×3420
SZS21-1.25/130/70-YQ 21 1.25/1.6 115/130 70 10550×4040×3850
SZS24.5-1.25/130/70-YQ 24.5 1.25/1.6 115/130 70 11200×4040×3850
SZS29-1.25/130/70-YQ 29 1.25/1.6 115/130 70 12000×4000×4100
SZS58-1.6/130/70-YQ 58 1.25/1.6 115/130 70 15580×9530×8320
SZS75-1.6/130/70-YQ 70 1.25/1.6 115/130 70 15900×8760×8890

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