Cooling Sampler

Cooling Sampler

Cooling sampler is used to sample and cool steam and water in boiler rooms or power plants. Most of the water in boilers and thermal systems has a high temperature, which is not convenient for sampling and measurement. Therefore, during sampling, the water needs to be cooled and introduced into the sampler for cooling. It is generally required to ensure that the sample can be cooled below 30-40 degrees when the flow rate is 500-700 mL/min.

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Cooling sampler for boiler systems is a specialized device used to collect and analyze samples from the water or steam in a boiler system. These samplers are designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressures found in boiler systems and are used to analyze the chemical and physical properties of the water and steam, including dissolved gases, contaminants, and corrosion products. By collecting and analyzing samples from a boiler system, engineers and technicians can monitor the condition of the system and identify potential problems before they lead to equipment failure or safety hazards.


  1. The pipe material of the sampler is generally made of stainless steel to prevent metal corrosion products from contaminating the sample during the sampling process.

  2. The sampling tube is divided into single coil type and double sleeve type.

  3. The sampling cooler should have the advantages of compact structure, high heat transfer efficiency, easy cleaning, and long service life.

  4. Large-scale boilers generally use centralized sampling and analysis devices.

  5. The sampling points and locations can be found in the table.


Description of Sampling Point

Sampling Location

Feed Water

Feed Water Behind Deaerator

Each Outlet Pipe of Feed Water Tank

Feed Water At Inlet of Economizer

Inlet of Economizer

Boiler Water

Boiler Water of Segmented Evaporation Boiler

According to Boiler Factory’s Requirements

Saturated Steam

Saturated Steam of Segmented Evaporation Boiler


High&Low Temperature Re-heated Steam


Super-heated Steam, Pressure Reducing and Desuperheating Steam

Condensation Water

Condensation Water of Segmented Evaporation Boiler

Outlet of Condensation Water

Condensation Water of Heater

Drain Outlet of Heater

Condensation Water of Drain Tank

Drain Outlet of Drain Tank

Condensation Water of Fan Heater

Drain Outlet of Fan Heater

Return Water from Production

Return Water to Return Water Tank

Each Return Water Pipe&Outlet

Cooling Water

Homemade Condensation Water

Homemade Condensation Water Pipe

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