Hot Water Boiler for School Use in Zambia

  • Project: Hot Water Boiler for School Use in Zambia
  • Industry: Education
  • Boiler Type: LHS/CLHS Series Vertical Type Hot Water Boiler
  • Boiler Model and Quantity: 2 sets of CLHS0.23-95/70-YQ

Our customer in Zambia bought 2sets of 230kw diesel fired hot water boiler CLHS0.23-95/70-YQ with full payment for a small school use. We contacted each other since 7th July, and he paid on 14th July of 2018. We only used one week to get this order. Our quality, service and professionality help win this order. Thanks for customers’ trust. And we are devoted to supplying good products and better service for all of our customers.
This boiler is to supply hot water for students bathing in the dormitory and staff canteen use. It can produce 10,000liters hot water per set per hour.

Characteristics of LHS/CLHS series vertical type hot water boiler:

  • Mobile flue gas tube hat, easy to check the fire tube status of boiler;
  • Digital controller, friendly interface, multiple language options and man-machine conversation help to control the operation state of the boiler;
  • Anti-lockup protection function ensures more stable operation;
  • A spoiler lays inside the convention heating tube, which can slow down the flue gas flow and enhance the heat transfer;
  • High temperature insulation material has good effect on heat preservation, boiler efficiency up to 98%;
  • Convention heating part is composed of ultra speed flue gas cooling tube, which is made of silicon aluminum alloy and has 5 times bigger heat exchange area;
  • Multi-direction water inlet and outlet layout and easy installation are convenient for users;
  • Smoke chamber surface is sprayed with acid-proof coating to ensure boiler more durable;
  • There is electron anode rod in water storage part, protecting tank from chemical etching;
  • Intelligent control and touch screen make operation more convenient.
Hot Water Boiler for School Use in Zambia

If you want to visit this project on site, or contact our client to check the machine’s work performance, please contact us: WhatsApp:+8613838294337

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