Hot Water Boiler for Heating Supply in Canada

  • Project: Hot Water Boiler for Heating Supply in Canada
  • Industry: HVAC
  • Boiler Type: Vacuum Hot Water Boiler
  • Boiler Model and Quantity: 1 set of T7-2800
Hot Water Boiler for Heating Supply in Canada

From 24th to 27th July of 2019, 3 customers from Calgary city, Canada came to our factory for a visit.

Mr.Bill, CEO, entered the boiler industry in 2004 and has been in this line for nearly 15 years. His main business is to supply commercial hot boilers for hotels, school and light industries like textile, boiler after-sales service, installation, trial-run, commissioning, training in Central and North America like Canada, Mexico, Panama......They also supply heat pumps, water softener......

Hot Water Boiler for Heating Supply in Canada

During the past 15years, they sold boilers made in Italy and Vancouver, but they have become increasingly difficult to work with those boiler suppliers over the last couple of years. Finally they want to find a new reliable suppliers from China.

After careful comparison, screening, analysis and visit in tens of boiler manufacturers during their stay in China(from 12th to 27th of July ), they choose our factory as their long-term business partner and supplier. We signed cooperation contract between us. From today forwards, all our clients from Middle and North America can enjoy their service conveniently including installation, trial-run, commissioning, training, maintenance and repair.

 Hot Water Boiler for Heating Supply in Canada

Characteristics of vacuum hot water boiler:

  • Integrated design, combustion and heating transfer system deeply matched, pioneer in boiler in industry;
  • Two groups of heating transfer devices, free combination of series or parallel connection, meeting variable needs;
  • Elegant appearance, silent operation, small area covering, easy installation and moving;
  • Max power can be 28,000kW with low consumption, service life as long as 30 years;
  • Suitable for outdoor installation.
Hot Water Boiler for Heating Supply in Canada

If you want to visit this project on site, or contact our client to check the machine’s work performance, please contact us: WhatsApp:+8613838294337

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Integrating R&D, production, distribution, and service-providing into one enterprise, EVERED attaches great importance to communication with customers. We have established an after sales visit team consisting of more than 56 persons. On the one hand, they timely solve the problems that our customers encounter; on the other hand, they collect feedback and improvement recommendations from our customers, to correctly orient our development and research.

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